For oversea visitors, Recommended Rental Kimono Shops near Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto


1. Recommended Shop “Wargo”

There are many historical buildings all over the Kyoto city.
Especially, the cityscape of the area near Kiyomizu-dera is very attractive !

Once Covid 19 has settled down, and things return to normal, we really look forward to your visit.

At that time…

Would you like to dress in a Kimono and go sightseeing aroud Kiyomizu-dera ?
I’m absolutely sure that it will become wonderful memories for your travel.

Are there any visitor friendly rental Kimono shops available near Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto ?

Visitors Question

Yes, Wargo shops are recommended because you can dress in a stylish Kimono with reasonable price.

Locals Answer

Actually, many Kimono rental shops are available near Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.
Among them, Wargo are especially inexpensive, stylish and visitor-friendly shops.
(of course men’s and kid’s are O.K.)


Latest trend Kimono

• Keep personal belongings for free

• All plans include accessory for your hair (Kanzashi in Japanese) and simple hairdo for free.

Price (The Popular Standard Plan) : 
 ¥2980+tax  (¥3278)

Location : 5 minutes’ walk to Kiyomizu-dera temple

 (If you book right now, please click the image above. After visiting the website, select “English” or your language in the upper right corner of the site.) 

What includes the rental package prices above ?

Visitors Question

It includes a hair accessory, socks, sandals, a japanese style bag, underwears for Kimono in addition to Kimono and obi (belt for Kimono).
So, you don’t have to bring anyting by yourself.

Locals Answer

What are optional services to need additional charge ?

Visitors Question

Basically, a Coat for women, Hairstyling and Makeup are optional.
(simple hairdo for hair accessory is for free)

Locals Answer

The followings are the details and how to book on the Wargo’s website.

2. Wargo Kiyomizu-zaka Shop

2-1 Shop Locations & Information

There are the following 1 shop near Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.

Wargo shop lists near Kiyomizu-dera

• Kiyomizu-zaka shop :
   5 minutes walk from Kyoto City Bus Gojozaka bus stop

• Kiyomizu-chawanzaka shop : Closed

 Wargo  shops are visitor-friendly.

Interpreters are not available, but you can easily understand by multilingual written explanations. In addition, you can make a reservation on Wargo multilingual website (not only English but also French, Korean, Thai, Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi and Russian available). So, you don’t warry about your understanding so much.

The Wargo shops keeps your personal belongings for free if you rent a Kimono. (¥500 for large luggage such as a suitcase)

Shops open 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., please return by 30 minutes before closing time.

The optional services are, for example,

  •  Hairstyling∗  : ¥900+tax (¥990)  ∗free simple hairstyling available. 

  •  Studio Photo Shoot∗  : unavailable
    ∗only available for other Worgo shops near Kyoto Sta., JR Saga-Arashiyama Sta. and Keihan Railway Gion-shijo Sta.

  •  Standard Kimono’s coat (Haori) for winter  : ¥500+tax (¥550)

Please note that if you come to Kyoto during summer (July and August), Yukata, casual type of Kimono for the summer season, is available. So, please book Sutandard Yukata Plan (also ¥2980+tax if book and pay in advance).

If you make a reservation on the web and do online payment in advance, the rental price (Standard Kimono Plan) is discounted from ¥3580+tax (¥3938) to ¥2980+tax (¥3278).

So, let’s click the image below, and book ! (I tell you how to book in the next section.)

(Change the website into “in English” or your language, after clicking above ↑ )

2-2 How to book on the “Wargo” website

1. Click this image below & visit “Wargo” website !


At first, click the image, and visit the “Wargo” website.

2. Select your Language

At the Wargo website, firstly select your language (in the upper right corner of the site), and change the site into your lunguage.

3. Click “Plans • Prices” button

Next, click “Plans • Prices” button (in the upper left corner of the site)

For smartphone, “Plans • Prices” button is located under the image of a woman dressed in a Kimono.

4. For Women, make sure of “Standard Kimono Plan”, and reserve.

For women, make sure of “Standard Kimono Plan”, enter the number of guests, and click “Reservation” button.

For men, select “Kimono Plan for men” listed in the middle of the site.

For couple, select “Couples Standard Kimono Plan”.

If you are couple(s), this plan is the most reasonable !
The price is ¥5,760+tax (¥6336) for a couple.

For children, select “Kimono Plan for Children”.

This plan is for about the age of 3 to 10 years old.

At the following reservation page…,
choose “ Kyoto area (京都エリア)“, and select “ Kiyomizu-zaka shop (京都清水坂店) “,
and then, the date and the time you would like, and select optional services if you want.

After that, you are required to fill Customer Information . (you don’t need to fill “Kana” (Japanese letter) and “Prefecture”.)

Then, please confirm your reservation contents, and proceed to  web payment . Amazon Pay, and some credit card are accepted. (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International)

Now, you have booked at discount price !

It seems to be very easy to reserve, isn’t it ?
So, let’s make a book !! (click the image below↓)


Also, please know in advance, the detailds of the cancellation.


(1) up to 2 days before reservation date : No cancellation fee (but administration fee of ¥500+tax will be charged)    (2) the day before & on the day of the reservation date : 100% fee will be charge.