Pocket Wifi Rental at Kyoto station


1. Actual Situation

Are there any rental pocket wifi shops available at Kyoto station ?

Visitors Question

Unfortunately, no rental shops available around Kyoto station.
So, please use online shops in advance.

If you are already at Kyoto station, and need right now, prepaid sim for visitors are available near major electronics retail stores.

Locals Answer

Actually, there are no rental pocket wifi shops at Kyoto station.

(If you are now at Kyoto station, and need internet right now, prepaid sim for visitors may be alternative. Those sim cards are available at electronics retail stores near Kyoto station, Yodobashi Camera (behind the Kyoto tower buiiding), and Bic Camera (next to Kyoto station building, the west side). But, it depends on your devices weather those sim cards are compatible. So, try visitng and asking them.)

If you are before visiting Kyoto, I recommend that you reserve a pocket wifi device online in advance.

Because alternative devices such as sim cards have a possibility of out of stock dew to large number of tourists, or of incompatible with your devices.

On the other hand,  Pocket WiFi router  has usually much more data than sim cards and you can also share it with your family or friends.

If you order the WiFi router online, then, you just pick it up at airports (or hotels) when you arrive, and just drop it in any postbox all over the Japan to return.

It is very easy and convenient, isn’t it ?

Well, any visitor-friendly online rental shops available ?

Visitors Question

Yes, Wi-Fi RENTAL Store” and “fon rental WiFi” are espcially recommended because of not only reasonable rates but also satisfying visitors support in English.

Locals Answer

The followings are the details of those rocommended shops for oversea visitors.

2. Recommended Online Rental Shops for Tourists

Actually, many online rental shops are available in Japan.

Among them,  Wi-Fi RENTAL Store  and  fon rental Wi-Fi  are reasonable, having high performing devices, and especially visitor-friendly shops.

«Common Features»

Reasonable rates despite high connection speed

Possible to connect over 10 units simultaneously

English websites & setup guides available

Reliable customer & technical support in English available

Firstly, for reasonable and reliable rentalWi-Fi RENTAL Store is recommended.

Locals Comment

 2-1. Wi-Fi RENTAL Store 

«Rental Device : in the case of Softbank 601HW black»
(Data : download 612Mbps, Battery Life : 4 to 5 hours, Covered Area : wide)

Rental Rate (Include Tax)

One of the largest shops & Customer satisfaction achieved 600,000 rentals

• Always very low rates !

English customer support (telephone & Email) availale (only on weekdays)

• Rental devices fully charged before delivering

• Optional insurance covers repair costs when damaged, and two-thirds of the replacement cost when you lose

• Quick delivery : If you order by 5 p.m., it will be delivered to Kyoto, next day afternoon.

Total Amount (Examples)

Please click Here or the Image below to book Wi-Fi RENTAL Store .↓
(After visiting the website, click “English” button to display English site.)

« Smartphone
site »

“English” at the bottom (scroll down completly, please)

« PC site »

“English” at the upper right corner


click here to book 

Next, for unlimited internet or more than one device rental, fon Rental WiFi are recommended.

Locals Comment

 2-2. fon rental WiFi 

«Rental Device : in the case of Softbank 601HW»
(Connection Speed : Up to 612Mbps, Battery life : 6 hours, Covered are : 99%)

Rental Rate (Include Tax)

• Over 100,000 satisfied rental WiFi customers so far

Simple flat rates (a mobile battery device is optional for over 10,000JPY order)

Customer & Technical support in English is available

Discounts on 2nd and subsequent device rentals when all rented together

• Optioal insurance coverage : mulfunction & repairable damage (irrepairable damage & lost are half the replacement cost)

Quick Dispatch : if you order before 2 p.m. only on weekdays in Kyoto, the devices are delivered for the next day.

At their website, you can check the total amount of rental fee just by entering period of use, number of devices and select insurance and pickup location.

Sometimes, delivery free promotion available ! 

So, please feel free to try checking the fon Rental WiFi website.

Locals Comment

Total Amount (Examples)

  You can book  fon Rental WiFi  by Clicking  Here or the Image Below (English website will be displayed.) 

Click here to book

3. Summary

Wifi Rental Store is recommended in terms of the lowest rental price.

Fon Rental Wifi is recommended when you need unlimited internet and multiple rentals.