Trains in Kyoto : Kyoto City Subway


1. Route Map & Transfer

Kyoto City Subway has two lines, Karasuma line and Tozai line.

Karasuma line connects north and south area in Kyoto.

Tozai line connects east and west area in Kyoto.

The map below is the route of Kyoto City Subway lines.

It saves time to use those subway lines when you move between especialiy remote attractions.

«Transfer Information»

Karasuma-Oike is the station where Karasuma line and Tozai line cross, and you can transfer.

Those two subway lines also connect with most of other railway lines.

You can transfer…

♦ On Karasuma line

JR line : at Kyoto station

Hankyu railway (Karasuma station) : at Shijo station

Kintetsu railway : at Kyoto station or Takeda station

Some trains on Karasuma line directly go to Kintetsu Nara station (to the south of Kyoto).

♦ On Tozai line 

• Keifuku railway (Randen-Tenjingawa station) : at Uzumasa-Tenjingawa station

JR Sagano line : at Nijo station

JR Biwako line : at Yamashina station

JR Nara line : at Rokujizo station

Keihan railway (Sanjo station) : at Sanjo-keihan station  

Keihan Keishin line for lake Biwa : at Misasagi station

Some trains on Tozai line directly go to Biwako-Hama-Otu station on Keihan Keishin line (to the east of Kyoto).

«Pass Information»

You can use any IC cards, Kansai One Pass, Kansai Thru Pass and Subway & Bus One-Day Pass for City Subway.

But you can not use JR pass, or Bus One-Day Pass. (discontinued at the end of September 2023!)

2. How to use Kyoto City Subway for sightseeing

2-1 Kyoto City Subway Route Map & Attractions

The map below shows the way to some famous spots from Kyoto City Subway routes.

By using City Subway, you can quickly move between remote attractions without a traffic jam.

So please check beforehand if you can use City Subway or not to move beteween your destinations.

The followings is the details of the way to those attrations from each nearest station.



2-2 Attractions near Subway Routes

There are many famous spots you can visit only by subway ride plus less than 15 minutes walk.

For example, you can go to Kyoto Botanical Gardens, Kyoto Imperial, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Nishiki market, Nijo castle (the picture above), Heian jingu shrine, Kyoto City Zoo, Yasaka jinja shrine (Gion area), Nanzenji temple, Eikando temple, Daigoji temple, Shijo-kawaramachi (the center of downtown area) in addition to Kyoto station.


The followings are the attractions near subway station, and shows the convenient exit and walking time from each station.

»» From Kitayama station to

Kyoto Botanical Gardens : 1 min walk from exit No.3

»» From Imadegawa station to 

Kyoto Imperial : 5 min walk from exit No.3 or No.6

»» From Karasuma-oike station to

Kyoto International Manga Museum : 2 min walk from exit No.2

»» From Shijo station (downtown area)

Nishiki market 3 min walk from exit No.21

Shijo-Kawaramachi (the center of downtown area) 10 min walk

»» Nijojo-mae station

Nijo castle 1 min walk from exit No.1

»» Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae station (Kyoto City Hall)

Shijo-Kawaramachi (the center of downtown area) 10 min walk

»» Higashiyama station

Heian jingu shrine 10 min walk from exit No.1

Kyoto City Zoo (Main Gate) 10 min walk from exit No.1

Yasaka jinja shrine / Gion area : 10 min walk from exit No.2

»» Keage station

Nanzenji temple 5 min walk from exit No.1

Eikando temple 13 min walk from exit No.1

Kyoto City Zoo (East Gate)  : 5 min walk from exit No.1 or No.2

»» Daigo station

Daigoji temple 12 min walk from exit No.2

2-3 Remote Attractions visited by City Subway plus Buses & Other Trains

By changing trains or buses…

you can also visit other major attractions such as Fushimi Inari shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Ginkakuji temple (silver pavilion), Kinkakuji temple (golden pavilion), and Arashiyama.


The followings are the major attractions you need to change to go to, and shows how to go and how long it takes to the destinations.

»» From Sanjo-Keihan station to

Fushimi Inari shrine : 10 min by Keihan railway train, get off at Fushimi-inari station, plus 5 min walk

»» From Higashiyama station to

Kiyomizu temple10 min by Kyoto City Bus No. 202, 206, get off at Kiyomizu-michi or Gojozaka bus stop, plus 13 min walk

Ginkakuji temple (silver pavilion) : about 15 min by Kyoto City Bus No. 5 or 203, get off at Ginkakuji-michi bus stop, plus 10 min walk

»» From Imadegawa station to

Ginkakuji temple (silver pavilion) : 14 min by Kyoto City Bus No.203, get off at Ginkakuji-michi bus stop, plus 8 min walk

»» From Kitaoji station to

Kinkakuji temple (golden pavilion) : 11 min by Kyoto City Bus No.204, 205, get off at Kinkakuji-michi, plus 4 min walk

»» From Uzumasa-Tenjingawa station to

Arashiyama14 min by Keifuku railway (Randen) train, get off at Arashiyama station

Please check the map above, showing the way to those attractions by Kyoto City Subway lines.