Subway & Bus One-Day Pass in Kyoto


1. Pass Price & Images

Note : on October, 2021, the price of  Subway & Bus One-day Pass  was changed into ¥1,100 for an adult, and  Subway & Bus Two-day Pass  was no longer available

This pass was originally called “Kyoto Sightseeing One-Day Pass” before.

Since March 2018, the name of the pass has been changed. Recently the price has since increased (¥1100 for an adult), but are still less expensive than before,.

Now it becoms very worthy. With this pass, you can ride Kyoto City Bus, Kyoto Bus, West JR Bus, Keihan Bus and Kyoto City Subway.

Using subway save your time to move depending on your destinations, especially on peak season, the end of March to the beginning of April (cherry blossoms) or fall (autumn leaves).

 Subway & Bus One-Day Pass  (Adult)

In prebaration

(back side: Adult)

In preparation

 Subway & Bus One-Day Pass  (Child)

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2. Valid Bus Company & Covered Area

With this Subway & Bus One-day Pass, you can use all Kyoto City Bus and Subway services, and most of the Kyoto Bus, West JR Bus and Keihan Bus services.

Almost all famous spots are covered.

For example, not only Kiyomizudere temple, Fushimi-inari shrine, Arashiyama, Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, Ginkakuji temple and Gion, but also Kozanji temple located in TakaoSanzenin temple located in Ohara and Daigoji temple located in Yamashina are covered with this pass.


This pass does not covered kurama / kibune area, Mt. hiei line (Enryakuji temple) or airport line.

You can check areas covered by the  Subway & Bus One-Day Pass  with the map below.

3. Special Offer with Subway & Bus One-Day Pass

Showing the  Subway & Bus One-Day Pass , admission fee is discounted on some sopts in Kyoto.

For example, Nijo castle, Gion corner, kyoto aquarium, kyoto city zoo, kyoto railway museum, kyoto tower, Toei kyoto studio park and some temples & shrines (Eikando, Koudaiji, Manshuin, Heianjingu, Kajuji and  so on) are available.

And also 100 yen discount for storing or delivering baggage service around Kyoto station.

«Baggage Storage»
Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto (Kyoto Tower bldg. 3F)

«Delivery Service»
Crosta Kyoto (Kyoto sta. B1F, side of the JR basement central ticket gate)

Kyoto City Bus & Subway information (Kyoto sta. B1F, near the subway central 1 ticket gate)