Kyoto Station to Gion


From Kyoto Station to Gion Contents 1. Overview 2. By Bus 2-1 Bus Stops Information at Kyoto Station 2-2 Bus Stops Information near Gion area 2-3 Location [...]

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From Kinkakuji Temple to Gion


From Kinkakuji (golden pavilion) to Gion area Contents 1. Overview 2. By Kyoto City Bus (No.12, 59 & 205) 3. Location Map in Gion from near bus stops 4. Attractions Information in Gion 1. Overview [...]

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From Ginkakuji Temple to Gion


From Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) to Gion Area Contents 1. Overview 2. By Bus No.203 3. Location Map in Gion area 4. Attractions Information in Gion [...]

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From Fushimi Inari Shrine to Gion


From Fushimi Inari Shrine to Gion area Contents 1. Overview 2. By Keihan Railway 2-1 Fushimi Inari Shrine to Gion-Shijo Sta. 2-2 From Gion-Shijo Sta. to each attraction 3. Attractions Information in Gion [...]

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From Arashiyama to Gion


From Arashiyama area to Gion area Contents 1. Overview 2. By Hankyu Railway 3. By Bus (Kyoto Bus, Kyoto City Bus) 4. Access to each attraction from Shijo-Ohashi Bridge 5. Attractions Information in Gion area [...]

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From Nijo Castle to Gion


From Nijo Castle to Gion Contents 1. Overview 2. By Kyoto City Bus No.12 3. By Subway + Walk 4. Location Map from near bus stops & subway stations 5. Attractions Information in Gion 1. Overview [...]

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