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what to wear in Kyoto in April


Travel Info : Weather & Temperature, and What to Wear in Kyoto in April Contents 1. Kyoto's Weather & Temperature in April 2. What to Wear in Kyoto [...]

what to wear in Kyoto in April2023-05-06T21:46:44+09:00

tourist crowds in Kyoto


Travel Info : When is Kyoto Crowded ? Contents 1. Overview of Tourist Crowds in Kyoto 2. Recent Situation of Visitors to Kyoto (2019) 2-1 the number of visitors & overnight guests 2-2 the proportion of Japanese visitors & day trippers to the whole  [...]

tourist crowds in Kyoto2023-05-05T11:39:01+09:00

pocket wifi rental at kyoto station


Pocket Wifi Rental at Kyoto station Contents 1. Actual Situation 2. Recommended Online Rental Shops for Tourists 2-1 Wi-Fi RENTAL Store 3. Summary 1. Actual Situation [...]

pocket wifi rental at kyoto station2023-05-03T00:06:26+09:00

seasonal highlights, events & festivals in Kyoto


Travel Info : What Seasonal Highlights ? When Famous Events & Festivals in Kyoto ? Contents 1. Overview of seasonal Highlights, Events & Festivals in Kyoto 2. Informations & Schdules 2-1 spring 2-2 summer 2-3 autumn 2-4 winter   3. Summary [...]

seasonal highlights, events & festivals in Kyoto2023-05-03T15:10:11+09:00

Kyoto free wifi registration


Kyoto Public Free WiFi Registeration for Tourists Contents 1. About Public Free WiFi in Kyoto 2. How to Sign up "KYOTO Wi-Fi"  3. How to Sign up "Japan Free Wi-Fi KYOTO" 4. Important Notice 1. About Public [...]

Kyoto free wifi registration2023-05-03T15:00:00+09:00

Kyoto free wifi hotspots


Free WiFi Hotspots in Kyoto Contents 1. about Hotspots in Kyoto 2. Tips to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in Kyoto   2-1 Check public WiFi while heading for convenience stores   2-2 How to Sign up for convenience store's [...]

Kyoto free wifi hotspots2023-05-03T15:05:05+09:00

Kyoto average weather and temperature year round


Travel Info : Annual Average Weather & Temperature in Kyoto Contents 1. Overview of Kyoto's Climate 2. Average Weather & Temperature in Kyoto 2-1 feature of monthly weather (rainfall) 2-2 feature of monthly temperature 3. Best Season for Sightseeing in [...]

Kyoto average weather and temperature year round2023-05-03T15:11:41+09:00

From Nijo Castle to Ginkakuji Temple


From Nijo Castle to Ginkakuji Temple (silver pavilion) Contents 1. Overview 2. By Walk + Kyoto City Bus No.204 3. By Subway + Kyoto City Bus No.32 or No.17 4. Ginkakuji [...]

From Nijo Castle to Ginkakuji Temple2023-04-15T21:48:49+09:00

From Kinkakuji to Ginkakuji


From Kinkakuji (golden pavilion) to Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) Contents 1. Overview 2. By Bus for Ginkauji Temple  2-1 By Kyoto City Bus No.204 3. The Way to [...]

From Kinkakuji to Ginkakuji2023-04-14T10:38:31+09:00
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