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Subway & Bus Day Pass


 Subway & Bus One-Day Pass in Kyoto Contents 1. Pass Price & Images 2. Valid Bus Company & Covered Area 3. Special Offer with Subway & Bus One-Day Pass [...]

Subway & Bus Day Pass2024-06-22T17:37:04+09:00

Local Bus Fares in kyoto


Local Bus Fares in Kyoto Contents 1. How much is a bus fare ?   1-1  Within Flat Fare Zone   1-2  Beyond the Flat Fare Zone 2. How to [...]

Local Bus Fares in kyoto2024-06-22T16:58:01+09:00

Connection Ticket (JR & Keihan Railway)


Connection Ticket (JR & Keihan Railway) in Kyoto Contents 1. What is Connection Ticket ? 2. Where & How to buy Connection Ticket 2-1 To Buy at JR Kyoto Station 2-2 To Buy at Keihan Railway Stations [...]

Connection Ticket (JR & Keihan Railway)2023-09-19T12:55:47+09:00

Kansai One Pass in Kyoto


Kansai One Pass in Kyoto Contents 1. What's Kansai One Pass ? 2. The Benefit of the Kansai One Pass in Kyoto 3. Where to buy [...]

Kansai One Pass in Kyoto2022-10-13T14:40:10+09:00
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