Use IC cards on Buses, Subway & Trains in Kyoto


1. Use IC cards in Kyoto

Now 10 types of IC cards are available in Kyoto, such as Suica, Pasmo, Icoca, Pitapa, Kitaca, Manaca, Toica, Nimoca, Sugoca and Hayakaken.

In Kyoto, you can use such IC cards on ALL buses & railway trains including subway.

The IC card you can buy in Kyoto is “ICOCA”.

2. Discount service on Bus & Subway ride with IC cards

Note : the following discount service with IC card will not be applied on April, 2023.

« Bus to Bus »

On Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus, the fare is discounted when making connections with IC card.

If you transfar bus to bus within 90 minutes from first get-off to second get-off, the bus fare is discouted by ¥90 automatically.

« Bus to / from Subway »

If you transfar Subway to (from) Kyoto City Bus or Kyoto Bus with IC card, the fare is discounted by ¥60 automatically.
In this case, there is no time limit. The discount fare applys if you transfar on the same day.