Trains in Kyoto : Keihan Railway


1. Route Map & Transfer

The map below is the route of Keihan railway in Kyoto.

Keihan railway connects Osaka, Uji city (to the south of Kyoto city), Lake Biwa∗ (to the east of Kyoto city) and Demachiyanagi in the northeast side of Kyoto city through downtown area.

By using Keihan railway in Kyoto, it is convenient to move between Fushimi-Inari shrine and downtown area.

Keihan railway connects Eizan railway, so it is also convenient to go to Kurama, Kibune area. (upper north area in Kyoto city)

∗For lake Biwa, the operation between Sanjo (or Sanjo-keihan) station and Misasagi station is not Keihan railway but Kyoto City Subway Tozai line. But, a direct train service available from Kyoto city.

«Transfer Information»

You can transfar …

Kyoto City Subway Tozai line :
at Sanjo station,
at Rokujizo station (Keihan Uji line)

Hankyu railway (Kyoto-Kawaramachi station) :
at Gion-Shijo station

JR Nara line :
at Tofukuji station

Kintetsu railway :
at Tanbabashi station.

«Pass Information»

You can use any IC cards, Kansai One Pass and Kansai Thru Pass for Keihan railway.

But you can not use JR pass or Subway & Bus One-Day Pass.

2. How to use Keihan Railway for sightseeing in Kyoto

2-1 Keihan Railway Route Map & Attractions

The map below shows the way to some famous spots from Keihan railway route.
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2-2 Moving between Downtown area and Fushimiinari Shrine 

By using Keihan railway in kyoto, it is convenient for visitors to move between Shijo-Kawaramachi (downtown area) and Fushimi-inari shrine without a traffic jam.

“Shijo-Kawaramachi” means the place where Shijo street and Kawaramachi street cross.

It is the center of downtown in Kyoto.

Gion-Shijo station on the Keihan line is the nearest to Shijo-Kawaramachi, just a few minutes walk.

«How to get to Fushimi-inari shrine from Shijo-Kawaramachi»

From Shijo-Kawaramachi, walk to the east and cross Kamo river.
Next to the Kamo river, you can see the Gion-shijo station entrance.
Its platform is underground like subway.

It takes about 10 minutes to Fushimi-Inari station by local or sub-express train.

The fare is ¥220 for an adult.

Please be careful that Limited Express does not stop at Fushimi-Inari station.


2-3 Other Attractions near Keihan Railway Route

»»From Demachiyanagi station to

Shimogamo shrine (the picture above) : 10 min walk

»»From Jingu-marutamachi station to

Heianjingu shrine : 15 min walk

»»From Gion-shijo station to

Gion7 min walk or 2 min by bus

»»From Kiyomizu-gojo station to

Kiyomizu temple25 min walk to the main gate of the temple
(12 min waik to Gojozaka, the bottom of the temple)

»»From Shichijo station to

Sanjusangendo temple : 5 min walk

»»From Tofukuji station to

Tofukuji temple : 10 min walk

2-4 Remote Attractions Visited by Keihan Railway plus Buses & Other Trains

You can also visit other famous attractions by changing trains or buses at some station on the Keihan line.
For example, …

»»From Demachiyanagi station to

Ginkakuji temple (silver pavilion) : 10 min by Kyoto City Bus No. 17, 203

Kurama, Kibune area : 30 min by train (Eizan railway)

»»From Jingu-marutamachi station to

Kinkakuji temple (golden pavilion) :  30  min by Kyoto City Bus No.204 (evey 15 min)

»»From Sanjo station to

Nijo castle6 min by train (Kyoto City Subway Tozai line)

»»From Gion-Shijo station to

Arashiyama5 min walk to Kawaramachi station, and 19 – 23 min by train (Hankyu railway)