Connection Ticket (JR & Keihan Railway) in Kyoto


1. What is Connection Ticket ?

If you have Connection Ticket for JR & Keihan Railway, you can ride both JR and Keihan Railway by one ticket. It is very useful because you don’t need to buy another ticket at the time of transfer, Tofukuji station.

Depending on the sections, the train fare is discounted.

For example, the normal fare between JR Kyoto station and Keihan Railway Gion-shijo station or Kiyomizu-Gojo station is ¥320 (JR ¥150, Keihan ¥170).
But the fare comes to ¥300 if you get the connection ticket beforehnd.

With Connection Ticket, you can move between JR Kyoto station and Keihan Railway Gion-shijo or Kiyomizu-Gojo station by just ¥300.

If you have any IC cards such as Suica, Pasmo or Icoca, you don’t need the Connection Ticket. It is also autmatically discounted if you ride both JR and Keihan Railway by IC cards for the specific section.

And also, by using trains, you can save time and beat a traffic jam !


The chart below is the Connection Ticket fare between JR Kyoto Station and Keihan stations.

2. Where & How to buy Connection Ticket

In Kyoto, you can buy the Connection Ticket at almost all JR and Keihan Railway stations except for Keihan Uji line.

You can move between JR and Keihan stations by one ticket via Tofukuji station.

Basically you can buy from ticket vending machines. But, at JR stations except for Kyoto Station, vending machines don’t sell so that you need to buy from station attendants at ticket counter.

The followings are the procedure for buying the Connetion Ticket at each station.

2-1 To Buy at JR Kyoto Station

At JR Kyoto Station, you can buy the Connection Ticket from vending machines.

The followings are the details.

1. Find out “Connection Ticket” letter

2. Press “English” button to change language

3. Choose “English” button

4. Press “Purchase Ticket” button

5. Press “Connection Tickets” button

6. Press “Tofukuji via Keihan” button

7. Choose “fare” (or Sarch station if you don’t know.)

8. Please Insert money

9. Finally you can get it !

If you don’t know the fare, you can also serch for station name on the screen.

Please note that Sanjo station is listed “Keihan Sanjo”, Demachiyanagi station is “Keihan Demachiyanagi”. You need “K” when you search.

7-1. Press “Search…” button if you don’t know fares.

7-2. Search for Keihan Station by the first letter.

7-3. Choose your station name button.

2-2 To Buy at Keihan Railway Stations

Next is the procedure to buy connection ticket at the Keihan railway stations.

1. Press “English” button
to change the language

2. Press “Via Tofukuji (JR line)” button

3. Touch your fare, and insert money, then you can get it !