From Ginkakuji Temple (silver pavilion) to Fushimi Inari Shrine


1. Overview

How to get to Fushimi Inari Shrine from Ginkakuji Temple ?

Visitors Question

You can go by Kyoto City Bus No.203 or 17 + Keihan Railway via Demachiyanagi station.

Locals Answer

The recommended way to Fushimi Inari Shrine from Ginkakuji temple (silver pavilion) is “by Bus + Keihan Railway via Demachiyanagi station.

There is no direct bus service available between Ginkakuji and Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The map below is the overview of the route, stops, time and fare.

From Ginkakuji Temple (silver pavilion) to Fushimi Inari Shrine, firstly please head for Ginkakuji-michi bus stop.

Actually, from Ginkakuji Temple, there are 2 near bus stops, Ginkakuji-mae and Ginkakuji-michi.
Only Ginkakuji-michi bus stop has buses for Demachiyanagi station to transfer for  Keihan Railway .

To Ginkakuji-michi bus stop, it takes about 8 minutes’ walk from the gate of Ginkakuji Temple.

Check the map below, showing the location of the bus stop.

All these buses (No. 203  or  17 ) depart from the same stop, Ginkakuji-michi bus stop “C.

Actually, how long does it take from Ginkakuji Temple to Fushimi Inari Shrine, after all ?

I’ll show you the example of travel time, including average walking and waiting time.

 »»»   Kyoto City Bus (No. 203 17 )  Keihan Railway  via Demachiyanagi Sta.

It takes in total about 50 – 55 minutes (¥510).
From Ginkakuji Temple, 8 minutes’ walk to Ginkakuji-michi bus stop.
From the bus stop, 7 minutes by bus to Keihan Demachiyanagi station.
Keihan trains are operated almost every 10 minutes, and 18 minutes’ ride to Fushimi-Inari station .
From Fushimi Inari station, 5 minutes’ walk to Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The following sections are the details of this recommended route.

2. By Bus + Keihan Railway for Fushimi Inari Shrine

2-1 By Bus : From Ginkakuji-michi bus stop to Demachiyanagi Sta.

From Ginkakuji temple to Fushimi Inari Shrine via  Keihan Railway  Demachiyanagi Sta., it takes in total about 50 to 55 minutes including average waiting and walking time. 

All the Buses for Demachiyanagi Sta. depart from Ginkakuji-michi bus stop C.

The bus stop C is located on your left side of Imadegawa street after crossing Shirakawa street, when you come to from Ginkakuji temple. (please refer to the map in precious section)

Please ride Kyoto City Bus No. 203  or  17 .
In total, they are operated about 8 to 9 times per hour in the daytime.

1. Take Bus No.203 or 17 at Ginkakuji-michi Bus Stop C.

After getting out of Ginkakuji Templewalk straight in 7 minutes until you come to Shirakawa Street.
And, cross the street. Then,
you can see Ginkakuji-michi bus stop C at the left (south) side of the Imadegawa street.

(Please go pass the nearest bus stop, Ginkakuji-mae on the way, because Bus No.203 and 17 don’ t come.)

2. Get off at Demachiyanagi-ekimae Bus Stop, and Transfer.

In about 7 minutes by those buses, please get off at Demachiyanagi-ekimae bus stop.
(ekimae means “in front of station” in Japanese.)

After getting off, walk to the forward direction, and head for Keihan Railway station entrance (No.2 or 4), located on your both sides of the corner of the intersection ahead.
(Keihan Railway Demachiyanagi station is located underground like subway.)

3. Enter Keihan Railway Demachiyanagi station entrance.

This is the nearest station entrance (No.2), located just on your left.

On the other side, entrance No.4 is available.
If you need any help of station attendants, please use entrance No.4.

(Keihan Demachiyanagi station is located underground like subway.)

2-2 By Keihan Railway : From Demachiyanagi Sta. to Fushimi Inari Shrine

 Keihan Railway  Demachiyanagi Sta. is the starting station, so it is easy to get on.

Actually, many types of trains are operated on Keihan line.

But, Only local, sub-express and express trains stop at Fushimi Inari station.

Please ride those any early trains at any track.

Only if limited express departs at first, you can take it, too.
The limited express connects to one earier local or sub-express train on the way at Sanjo station.


1. Take local, sub-express or express trains at any track.

All local, sub-express and express trains at any track take you to Fushimi Inari station.

Sub-express trains are mainly operated in the daytime.

If you ride limited express, please change to local or sub-express train at Sanjo station.


2. Get off at Fushimi Inari Sta.

In 18 minutes’ ride, trains arrive at Fushimi Inari station.
(15 minutes if take limited express between Demachiyanagi and Sanjo station)

After getting off, please walk to forward direction, and head for the ticket gate, located at the end of the platform.

3. The way to Fushimi Inari Shrine from Keihan station.

After getting out of the ticket gate, please walk to the left. as the signboard shows.

Please walk along the street, and go through JR crossing and the Torii-gate ahead.

This is the Torii-gate.

In 2 minutes after going through the first Torii-gate, finally you come to the two-storied gate and main shrine (hall) of Fushimi Inari.

From Keihan Fushimi Inari station, it takes 5 minutes’ walk to the main shrine (hall), and about 9 minutes’ walk to the most popular place called “Senbon Torii” in Japanese, meaning thousands of Torii gates in English.


4. Fushimi Inari Shrine Information 

 Opening Hours

  Open 24 Hours

 Admission Fee 

  just visitting is for free

 Best time to visit 

  Anytime you want to visit !

 Other Information 

  Relatively not crowded in the early morning