From Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) to Kiyomizu Temple


1. Overview

How to get to Kiyomizu-dera Temple from Ginkakuji Temple ?

Visitors Question

You can go by Kyoto City Bus No.100, also called “Raku Bus”.

Locals Answer

The recommended way to Kiyomizu Temple from Ginkakuji Temple is by Kyoto City Bus No.100.
This bus is also called “Raku Bus“, meanings going around attractions in Kyoto easily
Raku Bus is very convenient for visitors because detailed announcement in English available.

The map below is the overview of the route, stops, time and fare.

From Ginkakuji Temple, there are 2 near bus stops, Ginkakuji-mae (meanings “in front of”) and Ginkakuji-michi (meanings “lead to”).

Although Kyoto City Bus  No.100  stops both of them, Ginkakuji-mae bus stop is the nearest.
So, take bus  No.100  from Ginkakuji-mae bus stop to Kiyomizu Temple.

Bus fare is ¥230 per ride. Of course Bus One-day Pass is available for this route.

Actually, how long does it take from Ginkakuji Temple to Kiyomizu Temple after all ?

« Examples »

 By Bus No.100   

It takes at least 43 minutes including walking & wating time (¥230).
Firstly, you need 5 minutes’ walk to Ginkakuji-mae bus stop.
Bus No.100 is operated a lot (every 7 or 8 minutes).

From the arrival Kiyomizu-michi bus stop, it takes about 10 minutes’ walk to Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

Please note that buses are likeiy to take more time on peak season because of traffic jam and a lot of passengers.

From Ginkakuji Temple to Kiyomizu Temple, firstly please head for Ginkakuji-mae bus stop as the map below shows.

The following sections are the details of the route.

2. By Kyoto City Bus No.100 for Kiyomizu Temple

From Ginkakuji Temple to Kiyomizu-dera Temple by bus  No.100 , it takes in total at least 43 minutes including average waiting and walking time. 

Bus  No.100  for Kiyomizu-dera departs from Ginkakuji-mae bus stop.

The bus  No.100  is operated almost every 7 or 8 minutes.

The followings are the detalis.

1. Head for Ginkakuji-mae Bus Stop, and Take Kyoto City Bus No.100

From Ginkakuji Templewalk downhill street in 5 minutes.
Right after crossing a small bridge, you can see Ginkakuji-mae bus stop located on your left side ahead.
(Please refer to the map in the previous section)

Please take bus  No.100 .

Bus  No.100  is called one of  Raku Bus, meaning special bus for visitors to go sightseeing in Kyoto easily.

2. Get off at Kiyomizu-michi bus stop, and Turn left at the intersection ahead

In at least 24 minutes’ ride, buses arrive at Kiyomizu-michi bus stop.

After getting off, walk forward direction, and turn left at the Kiyomizu-michi intersection ahead.

(The access map available below)

Keep walking along the uphill street.

On the way, you will see a lot of souvenir shops on your both side.

3. Finally, the Gate of Kiyomizu Temple !

In about 10 minutes’ walk from Kiyomizu-michi bus stop, you come to Kiyomizu Temple !

But please note that it takes much more time if the uphill to the temple is full of visitors.
So please give yourself enough time to visit.


3. Kiyomizu-dera Temple Information

Opening Hours :

Jan. – Mar. / Weekdays on Apr. – Jun. / Sep. – Dec. 〉  6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Weekends on Apr. – Jun. / Jul. – Aug. 〉  6:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

*Some of the days in spring (March, early April) and fall (autumun leaves, late November), open until 9:00 p.m. and illuminated almost every year.

Admission Fee  :

¥400 (16 yars and over) / ¥200 (7 – 15 yars old)

Best Time to Visit  :

at anytime you want to visit