From Gion to Arashiyama area 


1. Overview

How to get to Arashiyama area from Gion (Hanamikoji, Shirakawa, Yasaka Jinja Shrine and so on) ?

Visitors Question

You can go (1) by Hankyu Railway, or… (2) going By Bus is also available depend on your first destination in Arashiyama area.

Locals Answer

The recommended ways to Arashiyama area from Gion are (1) by Hankyu Railway, or (2) by Bus (Kyoto City Bus No.11, Kyoto Bus No.63, 66, (62)) depending on the situation.

Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus are different bus companies. (Kyoto City Bus ara colored green, Kyoto bus is colored brown.)
You can use Subway & Bus One-day Pass on both of the bus companies. 

Please note that buses are likely to be often delayed due to heavy traffic jam especially on peak season.

The map below is the overview of the routes, stops, time and fare.

So, after all, how long does it take from Gion to Arashiyama ?

I’ll show you the examples of travel times from Hanamikoji street in Gion to Togetsukyo Bridge, the center and symbol of Arashiyama area, comparing 2 ways below.

The time includes average walking and waiting time.

«1» Hankyu Railway from Kyoto-Kawaramachi Sta. (6 minutes’ walk from Hanamikoji street)

It takes in total about 35- 50 minutes (¥240).
(the time depends on Hankyu train schedule)
You need to change trains at Katsura Sta. on the way.
From there, Hankyu trains bound for Arashiyama are operated at least 4 times per hour.
From the arrival Hankyu Arashiyama Sta. to the Bridge, it takes 5 minutes’ walk.
This route enables you to move without delay even if on peak season such as cherry blossom and autumn leaves.

«2» Kyoto City Bus (No.11), Kyoto Bus (No.63, 66, (62)) from Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop (5 minutes’ walk from Hanamikoji street)

It takes in total at least about 60 to 70 minute (¥230).
Both Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus operate buses every 20 minutes each.
The arrival Arashiyama bus stop is just beside the Bridge.
Please note that these buses are likeiy to take much more time on peak season becouse of heavy traffic jam.

From Gion to Arashiyama area, firstly please head for Kyoto-Kawaramachi station (Hankyu Railway) or Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop (Kyoto City Bus, Kyoto Bus).

The station and the bus stop are near the Shijo-Ohashi bridge, located at west side of Gion area.

For example, from Yasaka Jinja Shrine located at east side of Gion area, it takes about 8 minutes’ walk to Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop, and about 9 minutes’ walk to Kyoto-Kawaramachi station.

Check the map below, showing time to the Shijo-Ohashi bridge, located near the bus stop and station, from each attraction in Gion area.

If you do not decide a specific destination yet, I recommend you to go by Hankyu Railway.
Because you can move on schedule even on peak season such as cherry blossom or autumn leaves.

If your first destination is northwest area of Arashiyama such as Adashinono Nenbutsuji Temple or Nisonin Temple, Kyoto City Bus  No.11  is recommended. (for example, please get off at Saga Shogakko-mae bus stop)

So, please decide your travel way, considering also your first visiting place in Arashiyama.

Check the location map below, showing time from Hankyu Arashiyama station and the nearest bus stop to each attraction in Arashiyama.

The following sections are the details of each travel way.

2. By Hankyu Railway for Arashiyama (Togetsukyo Bridge)

From Gion area to Arashiyama, Hankyu Railway is very convenient because you can move on schedule.

One thing you need to note that all trains at Kyoto-Kawaramati station don’t go to Arashiyama directly.
You need to change trains on the way at Katsura station.

But don’t worry.
Although stops are different depending on train types, all the trains departing from Kyoto-Kawaramachi stop Katsura station.

The followings are the details.

1. Head for Hankyu Kyoto-Kawaramachi Sta.

After Crossing the Shijo-Ohashi bridge (located west side of Gion area), soon, you come to Hankyu Railway Kyoto-Kawaramachi station entrance. (please refer the location map in previous section

At the both sides of the street after crossing the bridge, the station entrances are available.

This is the Hankyu Railway station entrance (No.1-B).

Kyoto-Kawaramachi station is located underground like subway.

2. Take any Hankyu Trains at Kyoto-Kawaramachi Sta.

Take any type of trains (local, semi-express, express, semi-limited-express, limited-express, etc.)

Usually, trains depart from track No.1 or 3.

Almost all trains are bound for Osaka-Umeda station, and all the trains stop Katsura station, where you need to change trains for Arashiyama.

(the picture : Hankyu Railway Kyoto-Kawaramachi station Track No.1 & 3)

3. Change Trains at Katsura Sta.

Change trains at Katsura station for Arashiyama (Hankyu Arashiyama line).

The trains for Arashiyam depart from track No.1.

So, please move to the track by the overpass or underpass.

(the picture : Overpass at Hankyu Railway Katsura station)

All trains for Arashiyama are local, and operated 4 times per hour, less than the section between Kyoto-Kawaramachi and Katusra.

So you may wait for a moment, depending on the train schedule from Kyoto-Kawaramachi.

(the picture : Hankyu Railway Katsura station Track No.1 for Arashiyama)

4. Get off at Arashiyama Sta.

In 7 minutes’ ride, the trains arrive at Arashiyama station, the last stop of Hankyu Arashiyama line.
So, it is easy when get off.

From this station, Arashiyama park is 3 minutes’ walk, and Togetsukyo Bridge is just 5 minutes’ walk.

(the picture : Hankyu Railway Arashiyama station)

5. Walk along the Street ahead, and head for the River Side.

After getting out of station gate, walk straight along the street ahead.

Cross the small intersection, go straight and head for river side (sandbank).

Soon, you come to Arashiyama park and Togetsukyo Bridge.

(the picture : Arashiyama Park & Togetsukyo Bridge)

3. By Bus for Arashiyama (Togetsukyo Bridge)

Buses for Arashiyama from Gion are operated by Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus. (every 20 minutes each)
You can use Bus One-Day Pass (discontinued at the end of September 2023).

Please take Kyoto City Bus  No. 11  or Kyoto Bus  No. 62 ,  63 ,  66  from Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop.
All the buses go to Arashiyama bus stop near Togetsukyo Bridge.

It takes at least 50 to 60 minutes from Gion (Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop) to Arashiyama (¥230).
It depends on the traffic condition, often buses are delayed on peak season such as cherry blossom or autumun leaves.

♦ Kyoto City Bus  No. 11  : also take you to Nonomiya bus stop (near Nonomiya Shrine, bamboo forest), Saga Shogakko-mae bus stop (not near but convenient for northwest of Arashiyama area such as Adashino-Nenbutsuji Temple.

♦ Kyoto Bus :  No. 66  is bound for Hankyu Railway Arashiyama station.  No. 63  also take you to Suzumushidera / Kokedera Temple (to the south of Arashiyama) via Hankyu Railway Arashiyama station.
No. 62  is bound for Kiyotaki (northwest of Arashiyama area such as Adashino-Nenbutsuji Temple via Hankyu Arashiyama Sta., but only 1 bus service is available in the early morning.)

The followings are the details including the route map of those buses in Arashiyama area.

1. Head for Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop “C

Buses for Arashiyama depart from Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop C.

When you come from Gion area, firstly, cross Kawabata Street (the street along Kamo river), and before Shijo-Ohashi Bridge, walk to the right direction. (refer to the location map in previous section)

Then, Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop C is ahead.

(This bus stop is in the northwest of Shijo-Ohashi intersection, located to the east side of Shijo-Ohashi Bridge.)

2. Take Kyoto City Bus No.11 or Kyoto Bus No. 62, 63, 66.

Take Kyoto CIty Bus No. 11  or Kyoto Bus No. 62 ,  63  66 .

If you firstly go to northwest of Arashiyama area such as Adashino-Nenbutsuji Temple, Kyoto City Bus No. 11  is convenient.

(the picture : Kyoto City Bus No.11)

3. Get off at Arashiyama bus stop.

In at least 59 minutes by Kyoto City Bus  No.11  (50 minutes by Kyoto Bus  No.62 63 66 ), please get off at Arashiyama bus stop

Togetsukyo Bridge is just behind.

If you  firstly visit northwest area of Arashiyama such as Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple, keep riding on bus  No.11  and get off at Saga Shogakko-mae bus stop and walk.

As you already know, in Arashiyama area, several bus stops are available.
Main bus stops are Arashiyama located north side of Togetsukyo Bridge, the center and symbol of Arasiyama area.

Please check the map below, if you want to know how many minutes it takes to attractions from other near bus stops in Arashiyama.


4. Attractions Information in Arashiyama

 Opening Hours & Admission Fee (Adult) 

Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple :
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ( 3:30 p.m. on Jan. Feb. Dec. ) / ¥500

Daikakuji Temple :
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / ¥500

Giouji Temple :
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / ¥300

Nisonin Temple :
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / ¥500

Rakushisha :
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ( 4:00 p.m. on Jan. Feb.) / ¥300

Jojakkoji Temple :
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / ¥500

Nonomiya Shrine :
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. / ¥ for free

Arashiyama Monkey Park :
9:00 a.m. – 16:00 p.m. ( Oct. 1 – Mar. 14) -16:30 p.m.  (Mar. 15 – Sep. 30)  / ¥600

Suzumushidera Temple :
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / ¥500

Kokedera Temple :
Need a reservation by round-trip postcard to visit / ¥3,000 and more

Best time to visit  :

at anytime you want to visit !