///From Nijo Castle to Kinkakuji Temple

From Nijo Castle to Kinkakuji (golden pavilion) 


1. Overview

How to get to Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) from Nijo Castle ?

Visitors Question

You can go by Kyoto City Bus.

Locals Answer

The recommended way to Kinkakuji temple (golden pavilion) from Nijo Castle is “by Bus”.
There is no train services available between them.

The map below is the overview of the bus stops, routes, time and fare.

From Nijo Castle to Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto City Bus No. 101 111  and  12  are available.

No.101 and No.111 are express bus, and No.101 is one of Raku Bus, special bus for sightseeing visitors.
No.12 is not express, but takes you to the nearest stop.

No.101 and No.12 are operated almost every 15 minutes.
No.111 is irregularly operated 1 through 4 times per hour between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

After all, there is not so much difference, so please take any early bus.

Bus fare is ¥230 for any route.
Of course you can use Bus One-Day Pass or Subway & Bus One-Day Pass.

Please wait for those buses at Nijojo-mae bus stop B, located on the castle side of the road.

And, get off at Kinkakuji-michi bus stop if you ride No.101 or No.111.
If No.12, please make sure to get off at Kinkakuji-mae bus stop, that is next stop after Kinkakuji-michi bus stop.

The followings are the detail.

2. By Bus for Kinkakuji Temple

1. Head for Nijojo-mae Bus Stop B.

After getting out of Nijo Castle, please walk to the left direction.

Passing in front of the ticket office, you can see the bus stop ahead.

This is the Nijojo-mae bus stop B, where buses for Kinkakuji Temple arrive.
(located on the castle side of the road, named Horikawa Street)

2. Take Kyoto City Bus No. 101, 111 or 12 at the Bus Stop B

Please take any early buses (No.101, 111, 12).

In 17 to 22 minutes, these buses arrive at each bus stop near kinkakuji Temple.

(Picture : Nijojo-mae bus stop B & Kyoto City Bus No.12 arriving)

3. Get off at each bus stop near Kinkakuji Temple.

The map show the location of bus stops near Kinakuji Temple, and the way to the temple.

If bus No.101 and No.111, please head for the street lined with trees located the backward direction.
You can see the entrance of the temple at the end of the street in just a few minutes.

If bus No.12, the entrance is just diagonally across from the bus stop. Please make sure to get off at not Kinkakuji-michi bus stop but Kinkakuji-mae bus stop only when you take bus No.12, because it is nearer.

This is the street lined with trees you walk through if you take Bus No.101 and 111.

4. Soon, you come to the entrance from each bus stop.

This is the entrance of Kinkakuji Temple.

A lot of visitors are walking toward, so you can’t miss it !

3. Kinkakuji Temple Information 

Opening Hours :

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (open all year round)

∗recommended to enter at least 30 minutes before the closing time

Admission Fee  :

¥400 (16 yars and over) / ¥300 (6 – 15 yars old)

Best time to visit  :

at anytime you want to visit