Trains in Kyoto : Eizan Railway


1. Route Map & Transfer

Eizan railway, operates only in Kyoto city, connects Demachiyanagi station and Kurama, Kibune or Yase-Hieizanguchi (for Mt.Hiei).

At Demachiyanagi station, you can transfer from Keihan railway, so that it is very convenient to visit Kurama or Kibune from various places in Kyoto. 

The map below is the route of Eizan railway.

«Pass Information»

You can use any IC cards, Kansai One Pass and Kansai Thru Pass for Eizan Railway.

But you can not use JR pass or Subway & Bus One-Day Pass.

2. How to use Eizan Railway for Sightseeing in Kyoto

2-1 Eizan Railway Route Map & Attractions

The map below shows the way to some famous spots from Eizan railway route.
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2-2 Visiting Kurama by Eizan Railway 

By Eizan railway, it is convenient for visitors to visit Kurama area without a traffic jam.

«How to come to the Damachiyanagi station»

At first, I’ll show you how to come to Demachiyanagi station where the Eizan railway line starts.

From downtown area in Kyoto :
From Gion-shijo station near Shijo-Kawaramachi, take Keihan railway train, 10 minutes ride .
The fare is ¥230 for an adult.

From Kyoto station :
Take JR Nara line train first and transfer at Tofukuji station to Keihan railway train.
The fare is ¥430 for an adult, and 25 minutes ride in total.

«Demachiyanagi station to Kurama (Kuramadera temple)»

It takes about 30 minutes.
The fare is ¥470 for an adult.
For Kurama, trains are available every 15 min.

Some trains are panorama type, so you can enjoy beautiful green or red colored maple trees in summer and fall between Ichihara station and Ninose station.

Kuramadera temple : after getting off at Kurama station, 3 min walk to the gate of the temple, reach main temple hall by a cable car plus walk in total 15 min.


2-3 Other Attractions near Eizan Railway Route

»»From Ichijoji station to

Shisendo temple (the picture above) : 15 min walk

»»From Kibuneguchi station to

Kifune shrine : 30 min walk or 5 min by Kyoto Bus No. 33

»»From Demachiyanagi station to

Shimogamo shrine : 5 min walk

2-4 Remote Attractions visited by Eizan Railway plus Bus and Other Trains

You can also visit other famous attractions by changing trains or buses at some Eizan railway stations.
For example, …

»»From Kibuneguchi station to

Kifune shrine (the picture above) : 5 min by Kyoto Bus No. 33

»»From Yase-Hieizanguchi station to

Hieizan Enryakuji temple (in Otsu city, to the east of Kyoto city) : about 1 hour by cable cars and bus

»»From Demachiyanagi station to

Ginkakuji temple (silver pavilion) : 10 min by Kyoto City Bus No.17, 102, 203

Fushimi-Inari shrine : 15 – 18 min by Keihan railway train

»»From Shugakuin station to

Kinkakuji temple (golden pavilion) : 35 min in total by Kyoto City Bus No.north8 (every 30 min) and walk from Senbon-Kitaoji bus stop