From Fushimi Inari Shrine to Nijo Castle


1. Overview

How to get to Nijo Castle from Fushimi Inari Shrine ?

Visitors Question

You can go (1) by Keihan Railway + Kyoto City Subway or (2) by JR line + Walk. 

Locals Answer

The recommended ways to Nijo Castle from Fushimi Inari Shrine are (1) by Keihan Railway + Kyoto City Subway or (2) by JR line + Walk.

There is no direct bus service available between Fushimi Inari Shrine and Nijo Castle.

The map below is the overview of the routes, time and fare.

From Fushimi Inari Shrine to Nijo Castle, firstly please head for each station (Keihan Railway or JR line).

The locations of those stations are separated, and station names are also a little bit different.
(Keihan Railway Fushimi-InariJR line : Inari)

Keihan Fushimi Inari station is 5 minutes’ walk from the main hall.

JR Inari station is just 2 minutes’ walk from the main hall.

The map below shows the way to each station from Fushimi Inari Shrine (main hall).


After all, how long does it take from Fushimi Inari Shrine to Nijo Castle ?

I’ll show you the example of travel time, including average walking and waiting time.

« Route 1»  Keihan Railway Kyoto City Subway via Sanjo Sta.

It takes in total about 39 minutes (¥440).
From Fushimi Inari Shrine to Keihan Fushimi Inari station, it takes about 5 minutes’ walk.
From the Keihan station to Subway Nijojo-mae station, trains are operated a lot, and taking 25 minutes in total.
From the arrival Nijojo-mae station to Nijo Castle, it takes just 2 minutes’ walk.

« Route 2»  JR line + Walk via Nijo Sta.

It takes in total at least 44 minutes (¥200).
From Fushimi Inari Shrine to JR Inari station, it takes just 2 minutes’ walk.
From the JR station to JR Nijo station, trains are operated almost 4 times per hour, and taking 20 to 30 minutes in total.
From the arrival Nijo station to Nijo Castle, it takes about 12 minutes’ walk. (1.1 km / 0.68 ml)

The following sections are the details of those recommended routes.

2. Keihan Railway + Kyoto City Subway for Nijo Castle

2-1 Fushimi Inari Shrine to Keihan Sanjo Station

At first, the way to the Keihan Railway Sanjo station (to transfer for Subway) from Fushimi Inari Shrine main shrine (hall).

1. Head for Keihan Fushimi Inari Station

From the main shrine (hall), please walk to diagonally right direction, and go through the Torii-gate on your right.

After going through other Torii-gate, cross JR crossing.

In about 5 minutes’ walk from the main shrine (hall), you come to Keihan Railway Fushimi Inari station.

Trains for Sanjo station depart from track No.1, so please go across the railway crossing and enter the ticket gate.

2. Take trains at Fushimi Inari Station, Track No.1

At Fushimi Inari station, local, sub-express and express trains are available.

All types of the trains departing from track No. 1 take you to Sanjo station.

In the daytime, sub-express trains are mainly operated.

(The Picture : Train at Fushimi Inari station Track No.1)

3. Get off at Sanjo Station, and Transfer for Subway.

In 10 minutes’ ride by local or sub-express, trains arrive at Sanjo station.

After gettin out of the ticket gate, please head for Kyoto City Subway ticket gate (Sanjo-Keihan station).

If you get out from Central gate, walk toward right direction. If from North gate, walk toward left direction.

Following the sign, please walk along the passage.

Soon, you come to the ticket gate of Subway Tozai line Sanjo-Keihan station.

2-2 Kyoto City Subway Sanjo-Keihan Sta. to Nijo Castle

Next, take Kyoto City Subway (Tozai lineto Nijojo-mae station.

Nijo Castle is near the station.

1. Take any Subway Trains at Track No.1.

Take any subway trains (Tozai line) at Sanjo-Keihan station Track No.1.

Trains are operated a lot, more than 10 times per hour in the daytime.

2. Get off at Nijojo-mae Station

In 6 minutes, trains arrive at Nijojo-mae station

After getting out of the ticket gate, please head for Exit 1.

From the Exit 1, you can see Nijo Castle just in front of you.

3. By JR line + Walk for Nijo Castle

You can also go to Nijo Castle by JR + Walk.

Please note that, on the way at Kyoto station, you need change trains from JR Nara line to JR Sagano line.

3-1 From Fushimi Inari Shrine to Kyoto Sta. (JR Nara line)

1. Head for JR Inari Station

Firstly, please head for JR Inari station (the picture above), located almost in front of Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The station is located at the end of the approach through the torii-gates when you come from main shrine (hall).

2. Take any Trains bound for Kyoto Station (Track No.1)

Local and rapid type of trains are available on JR Nara line.

But normaly, only local trains stop Inari station.
(On peak season, rapid train may also stop.)

In conclusion, please take any trains bound for Kyoto Station.

The trains depart from track No.1, located opposite side of ticket gate.

(The picture : JR Inari station track No.1 & overpass)

2. Change Trains at Kyoto Station

In 5 minutes by local trains, trains arrive at Kyoto station.

Kyoto station is the last stop, so it’s easy when get off.

3-2  How to Transfer at Kyoto Station (From Nara line to Sagano line)

Trains from Fushimi Inari shrine arrive at Kyoto station track No.8, 9 or 10 (Nara line).

Then, trains for Nijo station depart from track No.31, 32 or 33 (Sagano line).

JR Kyoto station is huge, so it takes at least 5 minute to change trains form Nara line to Sagano line.

The followings show the recommended way to transfer.

1. After getting off, Head for the Overpass ahead.

When you get off JR Nara line trains, please walk to forward direction, and go up stairs to the overpass.

2. Walk on the Overpass

Keep walking on the overpass until the end.

At the end of the overpass, turn left and go downstairs.

3. Following the Sign, Walk Straight.

After getting down from the overpass, walking to the forward, following the sign of Sagano line.

Please keep walking along the passage, then you come to the platform of JR Sagano line at the end.

Please check the track No. by an electric noticeboard, and ride any early train except for limited express.

3-3 From Kyoto Sta. to Nijo Castle (JR Sagano line).

Local and Rapid type trains are available on the JR Sagano line.

Both types of trains stop the station for Nijo Castle, named Nijo station.

1. Take Any Trains on JR Sagano line

For Nijo station, take any trains departing from track No.31, 32 or 33 except for limited express.
The trains are usually operated about 5 times per hour.

2. Get off at Nijo Station

In 7 minutes by local trains, trains arrive at Nijo station, the 3rd station from Kyoto station.

If you ride rapid train, next stop is Nijo station, taking just 4 minutes.

3. After Getting out of the Ticket Gate, Turn Left.

When you get out of the tickete gate at Nijo station, please turn left, as the noticeboard indicates.

4. After Rotary, Turn Left.

Walk left side of the Taxi Rotary, and turn left again.

5. Next big Intersection, Turn Right.

Soon, you come to next intersection, then turn right.

6. Keep Walking in 10 minutes, along the Stone Wall on the way.

Please keep walking straight.
On the way, you can see the stone wall of the Nijo Castle on your left.

In about 10 minutes, you come to the corner of the castle.

7. On the Corner of the Castle, Turn Left.

On the corner of the castle, please turn left.

Soon, you come to the entrance of Nijo Castle.

(the Picture : main gate (entrance) of the castle)

Ticket office is next to the main gate.

The map below shows the route from Nijo station to Nijo Castle, including also the location of subway Nijojo-mae station.

Please check, if necessary.


4. Nijo Castle Information

Opening Hours :

8:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (closing time is 5:00 p.m. )
July – August 〉  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (close 6:00 p.m.)
September      8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (close 5:00 p.m.)

Admission Fee  :

¥620 (from October 1st, 2019) / ¥350 (13 – 18 yars old) / ¥200 (7 – 12 yars old)

Best Time to Visit  :

at anytime you want to visit