From Kyoto Station to Nijo Castle

  • 2. By Subway

    2-1 From Kyoto Sta. to Nijojo-mae Sta. via Karasuma-Oike
    2-2 The way to Nijo Castle from Nijojo-mae Sta.
    2-3 Route Map for Nijo Castle by Subway

  • 3. By Bus

    3-1 Bus Stops Information at Kyoto Sta.
    3-2 Bus Stop Information near Nijo Castle
    3-3 Bus Route Maps (City Bus No.50, 9)

  • 4. By JR Tain & Walk

    4-1 The way to Nijo Castle from Nijo Sta.
    4-2 Route Map for Nijo Castle by JR Train & Walk

1. Overview

Nijo Castle is one of world heritages in Kyoto.

At the Castle, there is no castle tower, but you can feel Japanese culture of Edo periods (1603-1867) through the very beautiful Palace, Gardens built over 400 years ago.

You can also enjoy very beautiful trees of cherry blossoms (late March to early April) or autumn leaves (late October to December) in the Castle.

Subway station is just next to the Castle. So, you can also visit Okazaki area (Nanzenji temple, Eikando temple, Heian Jingu Shrine or Kyoto City Zoo) by subway, or Arashiyama area by subway & Randen (Keifuku Railway) after visiting Nijo Castle.

So, let’s visit !

You can go to Nijo Castle by Subway, by Bus or by JR Train & Walk from Kyoto station.

The chart below is the overview of the location, transportation, time and fare.

Location & Distance

Nijo Castle is located in the middle of Kyoto city.

The distance from Kyoto Station is 2.2 mile (3.5 km).

Transportation & Time

   It takes about…

1.   Subway    : 15 min
2.   Bus   about 20 min
3.   Train (JR) & Walk    : 22 min
4.    Taxi     : 15 min
5.    Bicycle     : 20 min

You need more time and taxi fare on peak season because of heavy traffic jam.

So, by using  Subway or JR Train, you can move relatively on schedule.

Near bus stop to the Castle

(1)  walk 1 min from Nijojo-mae bus stop


 Near stations to the Castle  

(1)  walk 1 min from Nijojo-mae station (Kyoto City Subway Tozai line)

(2)  walk 15 min (0.6 mile / 1.1 km) from Nijo station (JR Sagano line)

2. By Subway

If you take subway for Nijo Castle, it will save time to move and beat the traffic jam especially on peak season.

It takes 14 minutes from Kyoto station to the nearest station, Nijojo-mae.

From Nijojo-mae station, it takes just 1 minutes’ walk to Nijo Castle.

The fare is ¥260.

(Subway & Bus One-Day Pass (¥1100) is recommended, if you plan to take subway or bus 4 times or more on the same day after visiting Nijo Castle by subway.)

The followings are the detail.

2-1 From Kyoto Station to Nijojo-mae Station via Karasuma-Oike

At Kyoto station, take Subway Karasuma line train (departing from track 2) bound for Kokusai-kaikan.

In 5 minutes, the train arrive at Karasuma-Oike station (the third station from Kyoto station), so, please get off.

At the Karasuma-Oike station, transfer to Subway Tozai line train.

Please wait at track 1 (trains bound for Uzumasa-Tenjingawa) on the Tozai line platfrom.

In 2 minutes, the train arrive at Nijojo-mae station (next station from Karasuma-Oike station), so please get off.

2-2 The way to Nijo Castle from Nijojo-mae Station

The picture is Nijojo-mae station platform.

When you arrive at Nijojo-mae station, please head for “EXIT 1”, the nearest exit to the castle.

The followings are the detail.

1. Get out of the ticket gate, walk to the left for Exit 1.

2. Go up the Escalator on your right.

3. Nijo Castle is just in front of Exit 1

2-3 Route Map for Nijo Castle by Subway

The map below is a route map from Kyoto station to Nijo Castle by subway.

Please check, if necessary.

3. By Bus

From Kyoto station to Nijo Castle, Kyoto City Bus No.   9  and   50   are available

It takes about 20 minutes by any route. So, please ride any early bus.

The followings are the details.

On schedule, how long each bus route take to Nijo Castle and how often they operate are usually about…

 No.9  16 minutes & at least every 10 minutes
 No.50  : 17 minutes & at least every 15 to 20 minutes

These two buses do not have much difference in time, so, please use any early bus you can ride.

Please note that…

it may takes more time on peak season because of heavy traffic jam.

Peak season : cherry blossam (the end of March to the beginning of April), autumn leaves (November) and consecutive holidays in Japan (the end of April to the beginning of May)

3-1 Bus Stops Information at Kyoto Station

There ara many bus stops in Kyoto Station.

When you ride, which bus stop in Kyoto Station can you ride those buses for Nijo Castle ?

Please find out the bus stops displayed…

 B1   for Bus No.   9  

 B2   for Bus No.  50 

These bus stops are located in north side of Kyoto station, between Kyoto Tower and Kyoto station.

3-2 Bus Stop Information near Nijo Castle

The bus stop that you get off is Nijojo-mae bus stop.

Nijojo-mae bus stop is located in front of the Casttle.

Please walk to backward direction, so you can see the ticket counter (Jpanese style house) on your right.

It takes just 1 minutes. You can’t miss it.

3-3 Bus Route Maps

If you want to know the route or ride time of the Bus No.  50  and  , please check the maps below.

4. By JR Train & Walk

If you have Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), you can also take JR train (sagano line) & walk for Nijo Castel.

It takes about 7 minutes (by local train) or 4 minutes (by rapid train) from Kyoto station to Nijo station, the nearest station on the JR line for Nijo Castle.

The trains depart from track 32 or 33 at JR Kyoto station, operate almost every 15 minutes.

The fare is ¥190. (Japan Rail Pass holder : no need to pay)

From the Nijo station to Nijo Cstle, it takes about 15 minutes’ walk (0.6 mile / 1.1 km).

The followings are the detail.

4-1 The way to Nijo Castle from Nijo Station

Nijo Castle is a little bit away from JR Nijo station (the picture above). So, I’ll show you one of the way.

1. Get out of the JR Ticket Gate, Turn left for East Gate.

2. Walk Left Side of the Rotary, and Turn Lert.

3. At the Next Intersection, Turn Right.

4. Walk Straight in 10 minutes. (You can see the Stone Wall on your left on the way.)

5. At the Corner of the Castle, Turn Left.

6. Finally, You Come to Nijo Castle.

4-2 Route Map for Nijo Castle by JR Train & Walk

The map below is the route map from Kyoto station to Nijo Castle by JR line & Walk. Please check if necessary.


5. Nijo Castle Information

Opening Hours :

8:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (closing time is 5:00 p.m. )
July – August 〉  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (close 6:00 p.m.)
September 〉      8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (close 5:00 p.m.)

Admission Fee  :

¥800 (adult, ∗If you have Subway & Bus One-Day Pass or Subway One-day pass, the fee will be ¥700!)
/ ¥400 (13 – 18 yars old) / ¥300 (7 – 12 yars old)

Best Time to Visit  :

at anytime you want to visit