From Gion to Nijo Castle


1. Overview

How to get to Nijo Castle from Gion (Hanamikoji, Shirakawa, Yasaka Jinja Shrine and so on) ?

Visitors Question

You can go (1) by Kyoto City Bus No.12or (2) By Walk + Subway.

Locals Answer

The recommended ways to Nijo Castle from Gion area are (1) by Kyoto City Bus No.12, or (2) by Walk + Subway.

Please note that buses are likely to be delayed due to heavy traffic jam especially on peak season.

The map below is the overview of the routes, stops, time and fare.

So, after all, how long does it take from Gion to Nijo Castle ?

I’ll show you the examples of travel times from Hanamikoji street in Gion to Nijo Castlecomparing 2 ways below.

The time includes average walking and waiting time.

«Route 1»  Kyoto City Bus (No.12) from Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop (3 minutes’ walk from Hanamikoji street)

It takes in total at least about 30 to 35 minute (¥230).
This bus are operated almost every 15 minutes in the daytime.
The arrival Nijojo-mae bus stop is just beside the Castle.
Please note that buses are likeiy to take more time on peak season becouse of heavy traffic jam.

«Route 2» Walk + Kyoto City Subway (Tozai lien) from Sanjo Keihan Sta. (10 minutes’ walk from Hanamikoji street)

It takes in total about 25 minutes (¥220).
The arrival Subway Nijojo-mae Sta. is also beside the Castle.
This route enables you to move without delay even if on peak season such as cherry blossom and autumn leaves.

From Gion to Nijo Castle, firstly please head for Subway Stations (Kyoto City Subway, Higashiyama or Sanjo-Keihan) or Bus Stops (Kyoto City Bus, Shijo Keihan-mae or Gion).

From Yasaka Jinja Shrine located at east side of Gion area, subway Higashiyama station and Gion bus stop are convenient.

From Gion-Shirakawa, Hanamikoji street, Gion Corner located south or west side of Gion area, subway Sanjo-Keihan station and Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop are convenient. 

Check the map below, showing time & route to each station & bus stop from each attraction in Gion area.

The following sections are the details of each travel way.

2. By Bus for Nijo Castle (Kyoto City Bus No.12)

Buses for Nijo Castle from Gion are operated by Kyoto City Bus  No.12  (every 15 minutes)
You can use Bus One-Day Pass.

From Yasaka Jinja Shrine, please take the Bus from Gion bus stop.
And, from Gion Shirakawa, Hanamikoji Street or Gion Corner, please take from Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop

It takes at least 18 minutes’ ride from Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop (20 minutes’ ride from Gion bus stop) to Nijo Castle (¥230).
It depends on the traffic condition, often buses are delayed on peak season such as cherry blossom or autumun leaves.

The followings are the details.

1. Head for near bus stops (Shijo Keihan-mae B or Gion B)

If your last location is around Yasaka Jinja Shrine, please head for Gion bus stop “B“, located near the Shrine.

Bus stop B means that there are three bus stops named Gion around there. “B” is one of them.

When your last locations are such Hanamikoji street, Gion-Shirakawa, Gion-Corner as south or west area of Gion, head for Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop B. Shijo Keihan-mae means “in front of Keihan Railway Gion-Shijo station.

This bus stop is located in front of Minamiza Theater near Shijo-Ohashi Bridge. (refer to the location map in previous section)

2. Take Kyoto City Bus No.12.

Take Kyoto City Bus No. 12 .

(the picture : Bus No.12 at Shijo Keihan-mae bus stop B)

3. Get off at Nijojo-mae bus stop.

In at least 18 to 20 minutes, please get off at Nijojo-mae bus stop

After getting off, walk to the backward direction.

Soon, you can see the ticket office ahead !

3. By Walk + Subway for Nijo Castle

Subway Nijojo-mae station is just beside the castle, so it is very usuful if you can walk to subway station from your last location in Gion. For example, even from Gion-Corner located at south area of Gion, you can go to subway Sanjo-Keihan station within 15 minutes’ walk

In addition, the ride time is just 6 or 7 minutes and the fare is ¥220, lower than bus fare (¥230).

This route enable you to move on schedule even on peak season such as cherry blossom & autumn leaves

If your last location is around Yasaka Jinja Shrine, please head for subway Higashiyama station.
From other location such as Gion-Shirakawa, Hanamikoji street, Gion Corner, Kenninji Temple and so on, please head for subway Sanjo-Keihan station

The followings are the details.

1. Head for near subway stations

(1) To Higashiyama station

From around Yasaka Jinja Shrine, please head for subway Higashiyama station.

It takes about 10 minutes’ walk. (Please refer to the map in the first section)

The way to Higashiyama station, walk to the north direction on Higashioji street (also called Higashiyama street) running in front of Yasaka Jinja Shrine until you come to Sanjo street. At the intersection, turn right, then subway entrance No.2 is ahead.

This is the subway Higashiyama station entrance No.2.

Or, you can walk along Shirakawa stream on the way as the access map in previous section shows.
In that case, the other subway entrance (No.1) is available near Shirakawa stream on Sanjo street.

(2) To Sanjo-Keihan  station

On the other hand, from south or west area of Gion such as Gion-Shirakawa, Hanamikoji street, Gion-Corner, please head for subway Sanjo-Keihan station.

The way to Sanjo-Keihan station, walk to the north direction on Hanamikoji street until you come to Sanjo street.
At the intersection, turn left, then Subway Sanjo-Keihan Station Entrance No.2 is ahead.

This is the subway Sanjo-Keihan station entrance No.2.

3. Take any Trains at Track No.1. (both Higashiyama & Sanjo-Keihan station)

Take any subway trains (Tozai line) at both Higashiyama & Sanjo Keihan station Track No.1.

Trains are operated a lot, more than 10 times per hour in the daytime.

4. Get off at Nijojo-mae Station

In 7 minutes, trains arrive at Nijojo-mae station

After getting out of the ticket gate, please head for Exit 1.

From the Exit 1, you can see Nijo Castle just in front of you.


4. Nijo Castle Information

Opening Hours :

8:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (closing time is 5:00 p.m. )
July – August 〉  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (close 6:00 p.m.)
September      8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (close 5:00 p.m.)

Admission Fee  :

¥800 (adult) / ¥400 (13 – 18 yars old) / ¥300 (7 – 12 yars old)

Best Time to Visit  :

at anytime you want to visit